The Just Jump testing system is a contact mat that collects air and contact times. Most coaches that use the testing device measure air time when testing vertical jumps. You can also use the equipment for sprint and shuttle tests, but for most coaches, it’s a handy tool for estimating vertical jumps. The #JustJump tests quickly, and helps us. Project ENDGAME is Kasey Hirt's take on making the world a better place ranging from Twitter's toxic side prevention to changing humanity itself back to what it looks like before. The 2 things that are different are the earth of the best timeline & the solo crossover movie, Endless. Earth-BTL is a world unlike any other. It's made not only for rebranding our world, but for refurbishing. A trope in which a character using Time Travel encounters himself in the future or the past, and goes to introduce himself. It is the opposite of Never the Selves Shall Meet in that the situation has no disastrous effects (at least not from the fact that the meeting occurred at all).. There are several reasons this could happen: A horrible event happens, resulting in a time traveling character. Gaster Blasters are weapons used by Sans, Gaster, and Papyrus. They appear as skulls that release blasts of energy out of their mouths. Attacking and Blocking: The Gaster Blasters are mainly used to attack enemies by releasing a blast of energy. It can be used as a shield to block attacks, and can even block other blasts from Gaster Blasters, its lower jaw is usually gone.

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